for students


Even Jim Carrey plagiarizes?

Excellent examples of how plagiarism seems to happen everywhere!

Short, helpful explanation of why we need to cite

“Academic Integrity: A Letter to My Students” written by Professor Bill Taylor (Oakton Community College)

“A Student’s View: Why Cheating Matters” written by student Chris Bates (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

“College Cheating is Bad for Business” (W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University)

“Generation Plagiarism” written by student Sarah Wilensky (Indiana University)

“Instilling Honesty written by student Zachary Slayback (response to William Damon’s “The Death of Honesty”)

Purdue Online Writing Lab (rich resource on academic research and writing)

“Seven College Cheating Scandals” Mental Floss via The Wall Street Journal

“Tips for Students: Avoiding Plagiarism” (Northwestern University)

Watch this video recorded by a student about cheating: Plagiarism, Dishonesty, Cheating in School


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