cheating in college WILL catch up with you

Unbelievable.  A police officer went back to college to get his BA in order to get promoted.  Then it turned out that he was cheating to get his coursework done.  He had other people – some people that he supervised – doing his homework for him!

In a letter from Sheriff Johnson delivered to Hughes on Wednesday, he was told that although he obtained his college degree from Daytona State College, “due to your actions in obtaining the degree … it will not be considered as fulfilling the educational requirement for any future promotional opportunities.”

Those actions, according to Internal Affairs investigators, included having Sheriff’s Office civilian employees do Hughes’ homework and papers online and submitting it to the school as if he did it.

Hughes enrolled at Daytona State College last summer to get his bachelor’s degree and was taking Spanish I and II classes with accompanying lab work. To get the schoolwork done, Hughes had three civilian employees help him, while on duty, with college course work, investigators said.

The cheating officer has been demoted and suspended but remains on payroll.

“Brodie was working on his bachelor’s degree in the hopes of seeking promotion to captain,” Davidson said. “The department won’t be accepting the degree as fulfilling any future promotional educational requirement because of the documented actions he engaged in while obtaining the degree.”

Thank you, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (in DeLand, FL), for taking this seriously.


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