not just an american problem

This is an editorial by Prof. Dr. George Kanyeihamba of Uganda, warning educators and parents about the dangers of the dominant culture of education in that country.   It appears that in Uganda, publicizing the names and faces of students who are star academics is a common practice.  Professor Kanyeihamba sees potential problems with what he calls “popularity contest.”

Reports indicate that in some schools, cheating and instructing pupils how to answer questions on actual papers are common and they occur before the actual examination questions are opened on the appointed day. Incidentally, in reference to my other relative who had to drop out of the school, I later questioned him as to why he failed so miserably when he had been a star performer in the primary school leaving examinations.

He confessed that teachers had ‘mysteriously’ got hold of all the examinations papers and wrote the answers in revision classes and all those who attended obtained grade ‘A’s regardless of how hopeless they had been performing in class and homework.


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