a school that cheats…

Claremont McKenna College in California is accused of inflating their incoming students’ average SAT scores for the past six years. Yikes!

But the numbers might have been enough to affect an otherwise tied position on the U.S. News & World Report annual ranking of colleges. Claremont McKenna was ranked the ninth-best national liberal arts college in the magazine’s most recent survey, up from 11th the year before.

How am I supposed to preach to student to NOT cheat, to do their best and just be honest… when so many people and so many entities/institutions cheat around us?

Then there are others, instead of becoming discouraged with this news, can write an encouraging article in response to discoveries of cheating.  Dan K. Thomasson writes in Korea Times:

What everyone should realize is that this is a commercial enterprise. U.S. News began its ratings years ago to keep up in the news magazine competition, where it ranked third behind Time and Newsweek. Americans love lists, and the magazine began devoting more and more effort to telling college-bound students and their parents which schools were the best in every aspect. Ultimately, it dropped out of the weekly print business altogether but maintains its name and viability with this enterprise.

I especially like this part of the editorial:

The only really accurate measurement of a college’s standing lies in the success of its graduates ― and that depends, to some degree, on the collective pedigree and dedication of the actual teaching faculty, not just those high-priced big names that come to hunker down and do their own thing in a rarefied atmosphere.


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