high school newspaper reports on cheating

Mattoon High School in Mattoon Illinois has an online school newspaper called The MHS Mirror.  Yesterday, it included an article called “Cheating Poses Threats to MHS Students.”  This was a thoughtful article and it does a good job of creating a common cheating scenario and interviewing various people. Nice article.

I have a few questions, though.  First is, what does the title mean?  I am not sure I clearly understand the meaning of “cheating poses threats to MHS students”. How so?  Is cheating rampant at Mattoon High School?  It’s an interesting choice for this article.

Second is a question regarding the statement made by the Assistant Principal.  He makes an excellent point that “[Cheating will persist for] as long as it takes students to realize it is not about the grade, it is about them learning the material.”  This is very true.  As I have said many times on this blog and elsewhere, the primary and fundamental reason students cheat is because they have failed to see the value in learning. Period.

So, I want to ask Mr. Krepel and all educators and educational administrators and parents: What are we doing to create educational experiences that will allow our students to enjoy learning and see value in the learning process instead of the GPA, the SAT score, the fluffing up of resumes, and rankings?  


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