do we enable cheating?

“When College Rankings Become a Game, Cheating is Inevitable”

The system that the cheating behavior is trying to dupe is sometimes the core of the problem.

When students cheat in high school or college in a kind of systematic way, one of the major things we need to wonder is why don’t students care about learning?  Those students who truly do care about learning do not cheat.  Actually, I should say…. those students who are able to allow themselves to enjoy learning rather than giving into the pressures of GPAs, college applications, financial aid, scholarships, rankings and so on… those students do not cheat.  Sometimes a student WANTS to enjoy learning but do not feel that they have room for such leisure – gotta keep those grades up and resumes packed.

Certainly the condition of the system does not excuse or somehow justify cheating. That’s not the point. The point is, as a separate issue, if and when there is massive cheating, we – those who create, maintain, or participate in the system – should be more… introspective.


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