integrity #1

In my leadership class, 24 emerging leaders were asked “What are the 10 characteristics of effective leaders?”

We brainstormed and came up with a list of good 40-50 words.  Lot of great words like…

  • inspiration
  • communication
  • vision
  • problem solver
  • supportive
  • creative and innovative
  • openness
  • confident
  • competent
  • charisma
  • reliable
  • responsible

Then, we voted for our top ten.  And guess what came out as the top.


Do you year that, young students? INTEGRITY is the number one quality and characteristic that you will need to demonstrate, hone, and develop if you want to be in any kind of leadership role in your future.


Many others agree with this.

“Top 10 Leadership Qualities”

“Leadership and Integrity”

“Leadership in the Worksplace: Importance of Integrity”



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